What is a trip to Las Vegas without getting a round (or rounds) of the finest tequila and mezcals in town?

A visit to Vegas isn’t complete without visiting Salud Mexican Bistro and Tequileria.

We are not the best tequila restaurant for nothing! We have the largest range of Tequilas and Mezcals in all of Las Vegas — even the rare ones.

Clase Azul Anejo

Each bottle of Clase Azul is a work of art. Hand-sculpted and individually painted, no one bottle is exactly alike, Clase Azul tequilas are 100% from organic Tequilana Weber Blue agaves. Of about 200 breeds of agave, Clase Azul elects to cook them in old-fashioned brick ovens, which takes 72 hours. This ultra-premium line of tequilas is produced in the town of Jesús María.

This is one of the highest points in Los Altos, or highlands, region of the state of Jalisco, Mexico which lends very unique flavor profiles to the tequila.

COLOR: Intense amber
BODY: The viscous body shows off a delicate, yet balanced mouthfeel.
AROMA: The nose is layered with aromas of Mexican vanilla, cinnamon, apples, and almonds and surrounded by caramel aromas from the slow-cooked agave.
TASTE: Cooked agave flavors with touches of vanilla, caramel, and various woods through the finish.

Rey Sol

The creation of the decanter, designed by famous Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante, to the traditional method of production and its 6 years of aging, Rey Sol is guaranteed to provide one of the most pleasant experiences to ever grace tequila.

It has an intense amber bright color with orange intense copper highlights.

AROMA: The aroma is of oak, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, roasted almonds, and dried fruit.
TASTE: The first taste is sweet with dominant oak notes. Then, it leaves a long lasting flavor of chocolate and almond.
FOOD PAIRING: To be served in a Riedel glass for fine dining. Pair it with red meats and as a great accompaniment to be enjoyed with dessert and coffee.

Dos Artes Extra Añejo

Dos Artes Reserva Especial Extra Añejo Tequila (ceramic bottle) is bright, with a rich golden color, there is an initial flurry of black pepper, light jalapeño, and vanilla notes that settle into a warm mellow flavor.

The Reserva Especial Extra Añejo is a very special tequila that is layered with rich agave, notes of cameral, vanilla, honey and a soft touch of oak that showcases maturity, grace and vigor. The stunning, silky, smooth finish will impress even the most discerning aficionados and will convert the casual spirits lover into a fanatic. Every bottle is handmade and hand-painted.

Herradura Selecion Suprema

Aged for 49 months

  • 2014 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition Best of Gold Awards Gold Medal
  • 2014 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards Gold Medal
  • 2014 International Spirits Challenge Gold Medal

TASTE: Delightfully complex but balanced. Cooked agave married with rich vanilla, oak, and dried fruit.
COLOR: Dark amber drawn from the oak barrels suprema is aged in for over four years.
FINISH: Extremely creamy with a long satisfying aftertaste.
AROMA: Unexpected with intense cooked agave, spices, and floral notes.

1800 Milenio

After a long and delicate aging process, the extra-aged tequila is matured for a short period in French oak Cognac barrels creating a balanced, soft, and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, red fruit and cinnamon. A perfect expression of the land that nurtures the fine Weber blue agave and the hands that craft its final liquid.

Partida Elegante

Dark amber color and high density body denote the long aging process. Aged at a minimum of 40 months, Elegante is an Extra Añejo. Its complex aromas come with deep notes of toasted oak, dark chocolate, coffee and ripe banana. The palate entry is slightly toasty, peppery and spicy.

Every sip of Elegante confirms not only the initial aromas, but also new and different flavors such as agave, vanilla, caramel, bourbon, butter, maple, almonds, hazelnuts, black pepper, citrus flowers, and more.

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