A family-owned restaurant located by The Lakes near Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada. Salud Mexican Bistro is a purveyor of modern dining with a Mexican twist created by Chef Israel Reyes.

Salud is the home of Las Vegas’ largest tequila bar, with over 100 different tequilas and mezcals, and craft tequila bar.


Salud Mexican Bistro is owned by siblings. Two brothers and one of their wives. The brothers’ parents have been in the restaurant business for all of their adult lives. The brothers practically grew up in restaurants. The family still owns a Mexican restaurant that has been open for 27 years, in Boulder City, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Salud Mexican Bistro first opened its doors in the second week of June 2017. Its vision is to provide food worthy of a fine dining restaurant with a casual atmosphere. The tequilas were all handpicked by the family and the bar manager. Every menu item, provided by Chef Israel Reyes, was tasted and tested by the family and selected by vote. This restaurant has young and modern energy with the backing of decades of experience.